CORNEAL GRAFTING-In Active Corneal Ulcer

The Centre has been very active in Corneal grafting since it’s inception. The role of the Centre has been poineer in treating corneal of (Bacterial, Fungal, Herpetic, Nutritional). Pioneer work in Corneal ulcer cases open up a new technique to cure this devasting disease. This technique is adopted now by all over the world.
TREATMENT– Therapeutic Grafting( When ulcers are there)


Dr. Gurbax Singh has done a human service ameliorating corneal blindness cases. The cases have been operated during active stage. If they present with corneal opacity, then the damage cornea is replaced from cornea removed after death of a person.

Symbolic record of the patient

Cancer Cornea Before

Cancer Cornea After

Corneal dystrophy before

Corneal dystrophy After

Corneal Opacity Before

Corneal opacity After

Corneal Ulcer-1-before

Corneal Ulcer-1-After

Fungal Corneal Ulcer-before

Fungal corneal ulcer-after